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Voices in the wind Tarot Reading by yogawithangelina

the full moon in Aquarius card, an eight of swords card, and a crow card

a reading of the full moon card

the eight of swords description

a reading of the crow card

I have been participating in #13days13shorts since it started 16 years ago in October of 2007. A year after Omar and I graduated from San Jose High School (formally known as San Jose High Academy). Every year Omar Najam out does himself with amazing theme selections and ways of including everyone from beginners to those of us who are seasoned. Each year I pick 1 to 3 themes and I try to be creative in some way. The submissions that 13 Days 13 Shorts gets are no joke there are some really amazing talented people out there and happy to say that my submissions are sprinkled in there surrounded by the best. This year and 4 years ago I decided to #challenge myself and submit for every day and every theme. My life has been changing over the years but yoga and tarot are still at the epicenter, but I have also wanted to get back into art as well. So what best way to celebrate #Halloween and #13days13shorts than by creating my own little #yogachallenge , #tarotchallenge and #artchallenge using each theme to represent some sort of #yogapose , #tarotcard or #artcreation!

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