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Travelling by moonlight - @TannDraws -Inara the Druid.

Inara grew up in a Redjut, a village at the foot of Mount Sundar. One day she found a lone wolf cub in the forest as she went with her family gathering food for the winter. The cub was injured and looked like it’s family was nowhere to be seen. Inara took the wolf cub back to the village, nursed them back to health and returned the cub to the forest so they could rejoin their pack. To her surprise the next day, they were there wagging their tail in front of her house. From then, Inara gained a loyal friend and gave them the name Daaki.

Separated from her family after a raid on her village, Inara finds refuge in the hidden shadows on the woods and escape far from the mountain to survive. She became hopelessly lost, only staying alive due to her wolfy friend. The moon goddess has watched Inara travel in the night and is impressed by her fortitude and will to survive and adapt. The goddess blesses her and awakens Inara to Druidic powers. As Inara travels under the moonlight with her wolf companion by her side she wonders how long it will take to find her family again if, that is, they are still alive.

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