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The Worst Summer Camp Icebreaker Game

Thank you to my dad for the inspiration for this one! The true summer camp horror: Terrible ice breaker games!

A horrendously designed and somewhat fuzzy poster featuring rules for an ice breaker game
  1. Form a big circle around the room and all hold hands. You may not let go of anyone's hand until the end of the game!

  2. Think of 12 facts about yourself and assign them numbers 1-12 in order of most to least interesting

  3. Without letting go of anyone's hand, take one of your socks off!

  4. Tell the person to your right one of your 12 facts

  5. Tell the person to your left which number from 1-12 you think they rated their fact

  6. If you got it wrong, take the other sock off!

  7. Now get up and walk around the room and find a person who has one of the same facts as you. The catch - you can only walk on feet that have socks on them!

  8. Sit next to the person who has the same fact as you and memorise 3 generations of their family tree

  9. Close your eyes and put on the first sock you find on the floor

  10. Everyone say their most interesting fact from step 2 at the same time and have a debate about who's is most interesting

  11. Whoever's fact is most interesting has to name their partner's step-great aunt

  12. Everyone shout "FRIENDSHIP" as loud as you can!

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