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Suspicious Candy - The Short Film That Wasn't


I wanted to do a short film for 13 Days 13 Shorts. It's been a couple years since I've had the opportunity to flex my filmmaker muscles, and this seemed like the perfect fun, chill, low-pressure opportunity.

But both my cameras are broken: my actual camera hates its SD card, and my phone screen got fried in the Badlands (on a film set, actually. Ironic.).

And then I had a brain wave! What if I told a story entirely through screen-capture on my laptop? It'd be great because then I didn't have to worry about acting and setting up tripods and makeup and costumes. Plus it was a perfect way to give myself fun creative constraints.

And boom, just like that, I had an idea for a short film about suspicious candy.


Premise - somebody with food sensitivities/MCAS is searching to see if their halloween candy is safe to eat


*spotify playing*

Screen has some random tabs open showing character. Landing on 13 days 13 shorts Tumblr.

Close a calendar reminder about a halloween party in widget menu

New google search about "are peanut butter cups high histamine"

Scroll the 13 Days 13 Shorts tumblr

New google search "is salt water taffy high histamine"

New google search "is chocolate high histamine"

New google search "what candy can you eat with MCAS"

*pause spotify*

Start watching a spooky YouTube video (something from SDF/SAS)

Interrupt video for some other random google search like "is it a full moon on Halloween this year"

Pause video


New google search "how do I know if I'm experiencing anaphylaxis"

Leave screen open on information about anaphylaxis


And then of course I had an MCAS flare myself and had no energy left to film the thing.


I had "short film" listed on my calendar and I had a heavy knot of stress in my tummy. I wanted to participate in 13 Days 13 Shorts, but I didn't have time or energy to finish the film. My options seemed like no joining in the fun or extreme stress (which still meant no joining in the fun). Enter, twilight.


Why not post the idea anyway? Why not join with what I have? There's something between night and day, between black and white.

So here we are.

Postscripts: That morning at breakfast I read this quote from Tara McMullin, "Know that a key part of growth is actually adjusting your plans—not sticking to them."

Also if you want to watch the spooky short film I was hoping to feature, made by my friends, look up "The Vampire Selfie" from 'Film & Acting Schools - YWAM Dunham' on YouTube.

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