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Are you struggling to hold a proper seance due to the need to social distance? Introducing SeanceTime - the app that lets you virtually connect with the dead, right from your phone! Select from a myriad of options such as virtual candles and the use of a spirit board. Simply type the name of the deceased, their date of death, and attempt to connect! If you're feeling brave, the "Surprise Me" option connects you with a random spirit - who knows who, or what, you'll meet next!

Disclaimers: This year, Kelsey is making app or web design concepts for 13 Days 13 Shorts. Designs were made in Figma with Figma icon libraries and fonts. Other attribute-free icons are from Reshot, and attribute-free stock photos are from Unsplash. SeanceTime photos are by Kelsey and of Kelsey, though :)

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