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Pennard Castle Lino Print

CW: grief & death of family

A lino print in black ink on green paper showing a person walking down a hill past an old ruined castle

A couple of days ago was the 5th anniversary of the day my mum died in 2018, and I thought for this prompt it would be nice to do something to commemorate. She was a printmaker, so I wanted to create a lino print of my own that depicted something that makes me feel close to her.

There is a beautiful place in Wales called Three Cliffs Bay, one of the last places we visited together, and every time I have been there since I have felt close to her, as if I could speak to her and she would hear me. This is the hill above the bay, with the ruins of Pennard Castle in the background, the sun shining and the wind blowing.

The block is cut from the same piece of lino that the last prints she made were cut from, and was carved and printed with all the tools she used.

So this is a hug and a thank you to a wonderful person, artist, teacher, mum and friend xxx

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