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Ode to Hallowed Hysteria by Iris Serenity

Ode to Hallowed Hysteria

by Iris Serenity

Ode to Hallowed Hysteria By Iris Serenity  Commence, o mad parade of Earth's caprice! Sylvan splendor of the autumn arbor  Debuts deciduous dénouement to 
Her merry mercurial masquerade!  Blood rubies struck from crowns of spindly kings Splatter scatterseed to starved soil— 
Ochre octet of decanting decay, 
Dark crescendo of decomposition!   Resurrect us spectres from our sopor! 
An eve's reprieve from routine tedium; Sepulchrous puppets swathed in petrichor,  Strung fate-threaded from aspen spiderlings   We dramatis personae promenade, Withered waltz of anemic atrophy— Deranged  changelings bartering sapless souls For masks of borrowed immortality   Costume cherubs of Cupidian craft Wield instruments of sacred surgical; Scalpel to  scapulae, shrugging shoulders Sprout funerals of feathered foliage   Wreathed with fraying-wire hawthorn halos, Hand in hand with impish grinning  kinsfolk, Lacework angels and the wicked-winged Donning crimson claws and shadow sclera   Bargaining blunders of mortal misspeech 
For serpentine silvertongues, forked and poised

In toast to Dionysian delights— Vile revues of revenant revelry!   Chiropteran chimerae in pursuit 
Of play-pretend preythings ushed with fervor, Stalking hide-and-seek through  shadowed spaces And gardened gargoyle-guarded overgrowth   Canines sugar-rotted with candied dyes From bounties toted in plastic pumpkins  Fall away for fearsome fangs emerging To savour rich avours of sanguine wines   Anima ephemera dance in trance 
Of transformations balefully bestial; Cocooned in lycanthropic lunacy, 
Seized by wolsh whims and hunter's hungers   Hellhounds howling haunting hymns of heartache In wispen wheatelds beneath  harvest moon (Monsters shunned in sunshine nd solace in Midnight's carnival of mild carnivores)   When dawn's carmine curtain incandesces, Solar spears of light slay our noxious nocturne— Dissolving our decrepit pirouettes, 
Vanquishing our veils of divine varnish,   Revealing soft-shelled oaks of stripped bark Heartwoods slow to a halt as candlesnu  Collapsing ashen into catacombs 
'Til next season's summons lights us anew!

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