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Moonrise Pumpkin Patch

When the Moonrise autumn harvest begins, Blanche is hard at work running a successful pumpkin patch! Earn income by selling admission to the only patch around with astonishingly large pumpkins! Visitors can pick their own pumpkin, marvel at the massive gourds, and stop by the Moonrise gift shop on the way out. Make sure you make plenty of pumpkin pie to sell to your hungry guests!

Moonrise Harvest is a cozy + witchy pixel art game concept. For each of the 13 days, one new piece of concept art from the game will be released. All concept art is by me, all sprites are designed by my son. Follow along for more adventures with Blanche the witch!

Pixel art depicting a pumpkin patch with large pumpkins. An entry gate reading "Moonrise Pumpkin Patch" opens up to a winding dirt path going through the center of the patch. A witch stands near one of the pumpkins.
Moonrise pumpkin patch concept art

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