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Meaty Candies

After ghoulish fun with witches and monsters,

I arrive home to count my earnings.

By tricking or treating my fellow neighbors,

Screaming and laughing while giving some sweets

Greedily drowning with chocolate over chocolate,

Used to the soft crunch on my tongue and teeth,

I wince when I feel a hard texture meeting my brown pearls,

Waking from the hypnotic control this night has over me.

I grab the mysterious item hidden between my cheeks,

Inspecting it thoroughly to know what woke me,

To realize their hard texture was not candy nor sweet,

It was a putrid, yellowish, dark hole teeth.

Dropping them, and hurling, trying to not vomit,

I panicked, checking the other candies galore

Searching with my crimson hands,

I didn’t find any chocolates.

But in the bucket I found

Eyes gazing into my thoughts,

Teeth smiling mischievously

Knowing the fate of the multiple victims

While some red and blue lights creeps outside my window.

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