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i thought i ate you already

haven't we been here before

my ravenous mouth gaping

your desperate sweetness

egging me on, unable to be

anything but tempting by


isn't this taste a little too familiar

to simply be the same brand

the same flavor, a repeated meme

year after year, something that

could be brought back again

rebooted for each


please don't play games with me

i've eaten enough poison

for a thousand lifetimes

and never yet

found myself

able to stay dead

call it a failing of mine

i thought i ate you already

so why am i finding you

in my hands again

this year

please this has to end

at some point so just

explain how we keep

getting back here

i don't think it's anything

so ridiculous as free drugs

- who has that much money

to waste -

so it has to be a curse

or maybe a wish gone wrong

it's not that you aren't delicious

but i can't taste anything else


and i just can't stop thinking

my belly ought to be full by now

and i miss being able to want

anything else

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