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Horror at Summer Camp - A Side Quest

Oh no! Something is attacking and capturing the children at summer camp! Blanche picks up a side quest to save as many children as she can before it's too late...

Side note: my kid is killing it with these sprites. I laughed for at least a solid minute when he showed me his designs for the camper sprites in distress.

Moonrise Harvest is a cozy + witchy pixel art game concept. For each of the 13 days, one new piece of concept art from the game will be released. All concept art is by me, all sprites are designed by my son. Follow along for more adventures with Blanche the witch!

Pixel art depicting a summer camp scene with tents dimly lit by a nearby campfire. 3 camper children are in states of distress and a witch is in the foreground of the scene. A dialogue box shows that 3 out of 15 campers have been rescued so far.
Horror at Summer Camp side quest concept art

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