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friggin bats by yogawithangelina

31st - friggin bats

Friggin Bats!!

Today is so bitter sweet! It’s halloween but it’s the end of the best online festival ever!!!! 🥺

Let’s see if the @the_wild_unknown animal spirit card can guide us!

“Bat - Darkness, letting go, death leading to rebirth. Before emerging, the bat waits for the sun to set and the moon to rise. In the darkness it can see all that invisible in the daylight hours. The bat is a matter of the subtle sense, of the underlying forces that cause some things to prosper and others to fade. The bat card shows up to signify the ending of a chapter, the closing of a door. The bat comes swiftly, encouraging us to move on. In just a few hours a new day dawns. No more lingering in the past. When in balance: accepts, adapts, adjusts. When out of balance: refuses to let go, reminisces. To bring into balance: watch the sunrise.”

What a great way to end the festival!!! Love you all! Happy Halloween friggin bats

the tarot card for the bat

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