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Eyes in The Darkness - Search & Rescue Team

The Eyes in the Darkness theme caught me just in time as I've been working on a new D&D character for an upcoming one-shot with friends this weekend! I had wanted to create a backstory for Poke (the gnome light cleric in the bottom centre!) where she had experience in search and rescue. It got me thinking about the potential for a loose collection of travelling mercs brought together by their shared proclivity for saving wayward travellers from dungeons beyond their level. It helps that they all have darkvision as well haha!

Poke and her squad are now known as an established search and rescue team, coined by locals "The Eyes in the Dark". With a newly settled home base in a town that neighbours a particularly harrowing, yet enticingly ancient, cave system, they've found relatively steady work rescuing the overconfident and hopelessly lost.

From top to bottom the party is made up of:

Fig - Goliath Fighter - (She/Her)

Chip - Goliath Bard - (She/Her)

(They're twin sisters! :-)

Mor - Tiefling Rogue (They/She)

Quince - Firbolg Monk (He/They)

Oddie - Half-Orc Warlock (She/They/He)

and Poke! - Gnome Cleric (She/They)

I hope y'all enjoy this goofy group! :-)

- Rudy


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