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did you put that ghost there?

did you put that ghost there?

I don’t actually remember stapling that particular

bit of construction paper to the wall

or cutting it into that shape

now that I think about it

I’m pretty sure we all made our ghosts

out of a different shade than that

and didn’t we decide not to put anything

in this corner?

while we’re at it, I don’t think we

hung any spider webs this low,

too easy to trip over

an actual hazard

we were trying to avoid those

kinds of dangers for the sake of

our clumsier people

- yes we all know I actually mean me! -

and I don’t think that witch’s hat

was sitting on that pumpkin,

didn’t it go with the rest of a costume

that someone was going to wear?

who is trolling us?

when we decided to make our own homemade

haunted house in this barn which,

okay, we don’t own, and maybe we

almost burnt down one year with a stray cigarette

but no one has caught us borrowing yet

we weren’t prepared to be actually scared

but I’m starting to wonder

why things keep moving around

and where my flashlight went this time

because I left it clipped to my belt

and no one could possibly have

moved it without my noticing

but here I am in the dark with no light

and yet again my fingers are touching

some sticky mess that isn’t where

it was planned on our very detailed


so you know what

I’m going to say that

this isn’t a homemade haunted house

at all

but a very real

haunted barn

and suggest

we start running

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