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Bloody Pumpkins

When the spooky month of October comes,

my favorite activity is carving pumpkins.

Yet, where we live pumpkins don’t grow,

but there’s multiple houses around the neighborhood.

Therefore, I chose the lottery winners,

crying and pleading to win the competition.

I sow their mouths, remove all the guts,

to start carving on the beautiful chosen

that’ll represent my spooky house.

Although some blue shirt men try to stop me,

handcuffing, telling me I’m eliminated,

I still showcase my gorgeous and mysterious art

for the neigbours judge

my bloody human pumpkins.

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sorry, love, i've been carving them in my sleep again i think the cucumber ones look like one long smile, kind of weird but still edible enough, and they don't drip everywhere like the tomatoes which

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