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Blanche's Hocus Pocus

It's potion crafting time! Use items you've collected from harvesting & foraging to concoct the perfect potions for everyday and fantastical use. Sleeping solution? Productivity potion? Darkness draught? Blanche's cauldron can handle it all. Potions will help you complete more difficult quests, increase your productivity, and decrease time spent on the mundane.

Moonrise Harvest is a cozy + witchy pixel art game concept. For each of the 13 days, one new piece of concept art from the game will be released. All concept art is by me, all sprites are designed by my son. Follow along for more adventures with Blanche the witch!

Pixel art depicting a witch next to a cauldron in a dimly lit dungeon room. The room is filled with candles and a single table with parchment sits along one wall. The potion contains a bubbling green liquid.
Potion brewing concept art from Moonrise Harveset

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