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Apple pie - short story

It smelled like apples and cinnamon. That was Michael's last thought as a human.

Earlier when he was still a human he had decided to burn down the old house on top of the hill. It had been there for ages, empty for centuries and yet laws kept it from being teared down.

So he had decided to take matters in his own hands.

Not expecting anyone to get hurt, least of all himself.

To Michael's surprise the door was open when he arrived at the house carrying gasoline and a pack of matches. He walked into the house, deciding to start spreading gasoline at the farthest corner of the house and working towards the entrance. He came upon an old storage room full of shelves, nearly empty, except for some old cans of sliced apples and a bundle of something? He had seen enough horror movies not to touch anything, but he couldn't help taking a closer look.

The bundle contained bones.

They were big.

Michael had never been good at biology but he looked at his arm and he looked at one of the longer bones and decided he had seen enough. He ran out of the room towards the entrance without ever noticing the lack of dust around the apple cans.

The door won't open. He didn't close it, he knows he didn't. For a second he wondered if someone was playing a prank on him, but he wasn't willing to bet his life on that chance so he ran towards another room in which he had seen a window. He had planned to jump out of a window but he never got that far. In the kitchen before him there was someone, or maybe something. It was human sized and it sang a melody that felt cheery and yet it was clearly inhuman. The house wasn't that dark and yet no light seemed to reach it. It took him a second to understand what it was doing. It was baking. Michael noticed a strong smell of cinnamon and apple was emanating from somewhere. And then it turned around, bright glowing eyes staring at him. A warm, motherly voice came from a gaping hole in it's face. "I'm making apple pie. But it's not ready yet, my child. Take a nap and I will wake you up when it's done" Michael feels himself leaving his body. Or maybe just a body behind, maybe it was never theirs. It felt so freeing, they could feel themself floating. They looked down at themself and saw a spitting image of the creature. No, not just a creature, their parent. All their life their wanted to become a part of something larger than themself and now their dream had come true.

They had a family now. Everything was simple.

They were just a child, at home, waiting for apple pie.


Sometimes a "monster" in a haunted house just sees someone miserable in their body and says: Alright let's just make you the genderless cryptid you actually are and let's give you a hug and pie Thanks for reading, I want an apple pie now ^^

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