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An Unfortunate Halloween

On the night of spooky Halloween,

when children should trick or treat,

the wind howl through the silent night

while the full moon shines over the barren streets.

Fathers and mothers, hugging their children,

hoping the dark dream soon finds the end.

Families in unlit houses were trying to survive,

holding knives on their white-knuckle hands,

fighting for a chance to not become,

some victims without eyes nor teeth,

or missing people after a candle is lit,

or prized human pumpkins, carved and sown.

No sweet spell is shouted that night,

parents quelling their children sorrow,

wishing to earn their yummy candies.

Angry kids quitting their costumes,

going to bed early, hating the morrow,

while the parents happy this ordeal is over.

But before they can fully relax,

doors are knocked,

doorbells are played.

Frantic parents grabbing their blades,

all opening doors, ready to attack,

to find no one there, just a soulless street

whispering “Trick or treat”.

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