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13 Haikus by Olivia Adams

Here are 13 haikus by Olivia Adams/meaningofnightt

to check out more of Olivia's stuff, visit

I – Séance

The circle grows bright

Hands intertwined; we call out

Reaching through the veil

II – Spiderwebs

Silk stronger than steel

Morning dew drops glitter like glass

A prideful builder

III – Ghosts

Unfinished business

Euchre game ninety-nine of one hundred

Someone play a hand

IV – Werewolf

Run, child of the moon

Feel the spirit of the wolf

Embrace the cursed form

V – I Wonder Why Skeletons Only Appear Once a Year

It’s bone swapping time

Rise but once a year to trade

Find the missing parts

VI – Secrets of the Suburbs

Whispers from next door

Creaking chains on the swing set

Idyll masks secrets

VII – Nosferatu

Unholy father

The undead lineage grows

Blood of darkness praised

VIII – Goosebumps

Feel the chill of dread

Shivers ripple down your skin

What is in the dark?

IX – Liminal

A rumble unseen

Ambiance in the station

Waiting and waiting

X – Reunions with Those Who Have Passed

Leave an offering

Say a prayer of connection

The dead are not gone

XI – Graveyard

Lay your head to rest

Blanketed in the warm earth

Together we sleep

XII – Arts and Witchcrafts

Sprinkle the glitter

Then consult the ancient tomes

A permeant spell

XIII – Spooky Boardwalk

Waves crash on the rails

Fog creeps in between the shops

Don’t follow the lights

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