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The Watcher - Poem

We all marvel at of the moon But I wonder does it return the feeling? Or is it screaming? Waiting for its opportunity To have us bleeding

They say there is a man in the moon What a horrifying thought Is he trapped? Is he about to snap? Is he watching?

How is he feeling?

Is he snarling?

To us he looks so sweet

But is he looking for something to eat?

Do we just look like meat?

Will it show me the way?

Will it lead me astray?

Is it a friend or a foe?

Maybe I will never know

I might not have its aid

But my love will never fade

Next time there is a blood moon

Think twice and heed my advice

Yes it looks nice

But are you ready to pay it's price?

I payed the cost

My heart is lost

I gave my love freely

But it got greedy

I've got no more love to give

All I can do is live

You're not like me

You're soul is still free

So be smart,

don't risk your heart

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