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The Costume Closet

Help Blanche pick out the perfect costume to fit her mood, aesthetic, and functionality needs. Today she needs to be sneaky, so a ghost (+1 stealth) may be a good choice. What will you choose tomorrow? Perhaps a bee? A robot? Or maybe a beholder? Collect more costumes by completing quests or upgrading your crafting studio.

Moonrise Harvest is a cozy + witchy pixel art game concept. For each of the 13 days, one new piece of concept art from the game will be released. All concept art is by me, all sprites are designed by my son. Follow along for more adventures with Blanche the witch!

Pixel art depicting a costume selector for the game Moonrise Harvest. A ghost costume is selected and other options include bee, spider, robot, princess, or beholder.
Costume closet UI concept for Moonrise Harvest

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