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Skullfire (Vampire + Skeleton) Boss Fight

Blanche's quest to save the children at summer camp leads her to the lair of Skullfire, a vampire/skeleton who feeds on the souls of the innocent. Help Blanche fight Skullfire in an epic boss battle of magic and mayhem. Hurry! The lives of captured children are on the line!

Most of this one (UI elements, sprites, dialogue) were made by my son (Harrison, age 12) for this one. He loves a good boss battle in a video game.

Moonrise Harvest is a cozy + witchy pixel art game concept. For each of the 13 days, one new piece of concept art from the game will be released. All concept art is by me, all sprites are designed by my son. Follow along for more adventures with Blanche the witch!

Pixel art depicting a boss battle between a skeleton/vampire crossover and a witch. Flames engulf the room and a health bar shows the boss and witch have both taken damage. The witch is casting a spell and the creature is saying "Ha! You Fool!"
Boss battle with Skullfire, the vampire/skeleton

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