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Hocus Pocus, a la Focus, Aabria Ka Daabria, Bat!

Surprise it's another... microbat!

With a particular tip of the Cap to our main moderator-organiser-halloween enthusiast.

I had planned to do three bats around a cauldron... but I looked up what the phrase was about and it's earliest mention is in the early 17th C, potentially referring a particular stage magician's name, and has since become a common phrase for chicanery, and bodgy magic.

So you get a magician's white Bat rather than the generic ho hum rabbit.

As always you can find me o'er at Twitter as @fabricmagpie and on insta as @melanippos. If you can't already guess what my main theme throughout is going to be throughout this bakers dozen of days, look to the last prompt :D.

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