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fairy tale pumpkin dream

I’m actually fine with the carriage

turning back into a pumpkin

at the end of the night

let’s leave it here,

end the ball at the height

of our romantic dream

it’s Halloween,

I want to tear off my costume

and find another costume

underneath, layer upon layer

of who I could be and haven’t been yet

want to walk away from the partner I’ve been dancing with all evening

and never see them again

and have that be more than okay

have it be perfect, the right answer

want to make pumpkin pie out

of the vehicle that brought me here,

eat it with the coachmen, have an afterparty

filled with laughter and no expectations

of anything at all, no “happily ever after”

that requires anyone’s vengeance

find me smeared in orange,

still wearing both my slippers

so everyone can keep their heels

and toes too,

because it’s Halloween, and

we all get to be who we please.

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