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Crossover Creature by yogawithangelina

Day 7 of 13 Days 13 Shorts -

25th - Crossover Creature

by @yogawithangelina

Tarot card reading using my Disney Villains tarot deck, no one in the Disney realm knows more about crossingover and transforming into different creatures, than the Evil Queen, Jafar and Ursula!

Let’s see what the cards have to say…

Queen of wands- “So who is the fairest one of all? The Queen of Wands, of Course! She is beautiful, regal figure, who turns heads the moment she walks into a room. Like the queen, she’s graceful, stylish, and commands respect and admiration of those around her. This card suggests it’s time to be bold and expressive. Your authenticity is charming”.

Four of wands- “Four of wands represents a family gathering, or the celebration of a big mile, stone, such as a birth, marriage, or exciting move. This tarot card is a positive sign that your home life is secure, stable, and happy.”

True Love- “The true love tarot card represents fated connections, love, and harmonious partnerships. In a relationship – themed tarot reading, this card, signifies a great connection and perfect match. Often, the true love card indicates an important decision or crossroads. Consider your options carefully, and you will get your happily ever after.”

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